Analyze as Cohort from Funnel


When viewing results from a Funnel analysis, an option appears to view users from a particular step in the Funnel path as a Cohort.


It’s important to note that the query results may differ between the Funnel and Cohort queries. This is because the underlying logic between the two tools is different. Additionally, the Funnel tool may have certain settings that are not available in Cohort, and vice versa.

For example, a Funnel analysis may have a conversion limit applied to define the time window in which steps in the query must be performed. The Cohort tool does not have any sort of conversion limit. Instead, users are grouped into Cohorts based on the time interval in which they performed the Target Behavior. Due to this, users may be uncounted in the Funnel query, but counted in the Cohort query.

Take an example where three events are being measured: Blog View, Site Visit and Subscribe. The Funnel analysis is set with a conversion limit of one day, and the subsequent Cohort analysis is grouped daily.


If a user performs:

Jan 1 - Blog View

Jan 3, 1pm - Site Visit

Jan 3, 5pm - Subscribe

In this scenario, the Funnel results will not show this user’s activity, because the event Site Visit was not performed within one day of event Blog View, and thus the Funnel was not completed. However, a Cohort query with the same steps would include this user in Day 0, because the final step in “Define your cohort” (Site Visit) occurred within 24 hours of “Target behavior” (Subscribe).

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