The Demo Environment

Indicative’s demo environment allows you to explore the full functionality of the Indicative app so that you can make a better informed decision about the ways in which you can use the tools to better understand the customer journey.

Access the demo environment by navigating to the Support tab on the left-hand menu and choosing Explore the Demo.


The demo environment contains example data from a fictional eCommerce company called PetBox. PetBox sells monthly subscription boxes containing animal care products. In the accompanying PetBox app, subscribers can track and customize their monthly boxes, or purchase individual items. In addition, non-subscribers have access to features such as PetCam, which allows them to watch their pets through connected webcams.

While inside the demo environment, a series of tutorials are available in the lower right-hand corner. These walkthroughs are designed to walk you step by step through an example query in Indicative's Segmentation, Funnel, Journeys, or Cohort tools.


As well as allowing you to sample Indicative’s tools, the demo is also a great place to learn about some other functionality of the app, including saved analyses and dashboards and user segments. These can be accessed by navigating to Manage Data while the demo environment is open.


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