Cohort Complete/Incomplete

In queries that use a generational breakout, such as hour, day, week, or month of the event, the setting for Only Complete/Include Incomplete controls how the cohort visualization accounts for periods with incomplete data.


If the query is set to Only Complete, only cells where all users have had a chance to complete the target behavior in the analysis will be shown. 

For example, consider a query showing users who first performed the event Blog View and returned to perform the event Subscribed, grouped by Week of Blog View.


With the visualization set to show Only Complete, results from this week will not be displayed. This is because users who entered the analysis by Blog View in the week have not yet had a full week to be able to complete Subscribed and show up in the completed analysis.


If the visualization is set to Include Incomplete, an extra series of data will be displayed in the cohort. These numbers will typically be lower than the completed figures, because there has not yet been enough time to capture the full extent of users who are completing the parameters of the query.

By utilizing the Only Complete/Include Incomplete setting, you can customize your results so that you’re viewing data as it comes in, or so that you filter incomplete data from your analysis.

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