With Favorites, you can create a list of your go-to queries and dashboards so that important analyses are always close at hand. Favorites can be found in My Hub, as well as on the left-hand navigation menu for quick access.

Note: Favorites are saved on a project-wide basis, rather than per-user. To save queries for personal use, consider the personal folders feature in Saved Analyses.

While hovering your mouse over a query or dashboard in the Saved page (accessible from the left menu,) you’ll see a number of options appear on the right side. Choose Favorite, denoted by a heart symbol, to add the item to your Favorites list. 


Once a dashboard or analysis has been favorited, it will appear in the Your Favorites folder within Saved Analyses & Dashboards. Here, you can manage the list by adding and removing Favorites status for each item.


Your Favorites will also appear on the My Hub screen just under the controls to create a new analysis or dashboard, as well as in the left-side navigation bar, once expanded. Favorites are ordered by the date in which they were created. 


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