Advanced Data Warehouse Settings


Accessing Advanced Settings

  1. In Indicative, click on Settings and select Data Sources
  2. This will list all of your data sources. Find the Data Warehouse that you would like to edit and select Edit Details
  3. Click on the Advanced tab


Advanced Settings Configurations

Exclude Events

We typically pull all of the events in your data source, but if there are exclusions that you would like to make, place them here. We pull data with a blacklist approach, meaning everything will be ingested except specific exclusions.

  1. In the Event Name matches field, include any event names to exclude when extracting your data. You can place a pattern or if there isn't one, separate multiple event names with a ;
    For example, if you want to exclude all events that start with 'test_', put 'test_*' in this field.
  2. For Property Value matches, we will exclude events based on property values. 
    For example, if you want to exclude any events where device = 'test', place that in this field.

Exclude Properties By


Similar to the Exclude Events section, we will pull all properties and make exclusions with a blacklist. 

  1. If there are any properties to exclude during extract, list them out in this field.
    For example, if you want to exclude the device_screen_size property, place that in this field.

Context Field Exclusionsmceclip4.png


Include Event Property Prefix


Note: This option is only available for Snowplow schemas.


User ID Null Values


Some organizations may use non-null values to represent an undefined User ID. Please enter any values that are used to represent null User IDs in this field. We exclude NULL by default, so you do not need to specify that here.

Note: If you use an empty string for null user Ids, put two single quotes and press Enter to mimic the picture above.






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