Journeys: Ending Event


The Journeys feature now allows analysis of your customer's pathways starting with an ending event.

  • Visualize and measure the performance of step-by-step customer journeys from an end event
  • Prioritize your product roadmap by identifying and eliminating points of friction
  • Take a closer look at your customer paths by analyzing your Journey as a Cohort or Funnel query

Query Builder


To analyze a customer's journey by an ending event, select your single ending event which you want to analyze. From there, toggle the Starting With option and then select the Ending With option. By choosing the Ending With option, your customer journey will begin from an end event.


Note: The number displayed next to an event in Journeys is always the total amount of instances that event was performed. 

Filter Where


In the query builder, you can filter an event to include or exclude users who meet certain criteria; for example if they have specific event property. To create a filter, you may only use event properties and there is no limit to the number of filters you can apply to a single query row.

The first filter you will encounter is the: is equal to clause. You may also filter in the following ways:

  • Is not equal to
  • Contains
  • Does not contain
  • Is defined
  • Is not defined

Analyzing as a Funnel or Cohort


In order to analyze your Journeys query as a Funnel or Cohort, select the event you’d like to start with, and select the Analyze as Funnel/Cohort menu item. Then, you'll be prompted to select an event in each subsequent step until you reach a singular customer journey. As you click on events the customer journey will be highlighted. When you reach the starting event, your customer journey will load into the Funnel tool, or the Cohort tool, depending on your selection.

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