Organization Settings


Organization Owners and Admins can configure their organization name, add or remove teammates and manage teammate access, edit roles, configure single sign-on, and view billing information all within Organization Settings. Organization Settings can be accessed by selecting Settings from the main menu bar, and then navigating to Organization Settings.


The organization display name is defined by the Owner of an organization during their initial account creation. To change your organization display name, click General, then type your new name into the text field, then click Save.




The Projects screen within Organization Settings displays a list of existing projects, and provides the option to open or delete a project using the three-dot menu on the right side of the page.


Email & Password Authentication

If this authentication method is enabled, then your organization teammates will sign into Indicative using their email address and password. Optionally, you can provide automatic access to your organization for all users from a specified web domain. New users who create an account with an email address from the selected domains will have automatic access to your organization- no project invites needed.


Enterprise Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO), allows a user to log into Indicative using an authenticated identity from a third party provider such as Microsoft Azure or Okta. For a full list of supported identity and access management providers and instructions on how to set up Indicative with your provider, view our SSO documentation.


Default Project Access

With Default Project Access, select which projects users will receive access to. Existing users retain access to their current projects unless otherwise modified. Project access from an invite takes precedence over Default Project Access.



The Teammates window allows you to manage the users in your organization and choose which projects they have access to. To edit project permissions or to delete a teammate, choose the menu (three dots) to the right of the selected row. Use the checkboxes to the left of each teammate’s name to select several at once.


You may also add a new teammate by selecting New Teammate on the top right

Organization Administrator 

Organization administrators have access to all features, all organization projects, organization settings, and project settings within their organization. 

Only organization administrators may access the organization settings within the Settings menu.

Adding Teammates


Within the Teammates section, by selecting the New Teammate option, you may invite new teammates, and assign them to projects and a group

Project Permissions


Within Project Permissions you are able to change a teammate’s group in any of their projects by ticking the checkbox next to the respective project name.

Groups & Feature Permissions


You can control teammate access permissions for different sections and features of Indicative within the Groups & Feature Permissions section. These groups can then be applied to teammates within the Teammates section within Project Settings. There are three default groups: Admin, Member, and Read Only. Please note that these default groups cannot be edited or deleted.

Default Groups settings (Growth and Enterprise only): There is a no limit to the number of teammates that can be assigned to these default groups

  • Admin: For teammates in leadership roles
    • Full access to all projects and all features of Indicative
    • May add new teammates to projects
  • Member: For all general teammates within an Organization 
    • Access to assigned projects 
    • May not access Organization Settings, Project Settings, or Teammates
    • May not add new teammates
  • Read Only: For viewers not associated with an Organization
    • View only access to assigned projects 
    • May not access Organization Settings, Project Settings, or Teammates
    • May not use any of the features and tools of Indicative
    • May not add new teammates

Free: all free users are by default Organization Administrators. Free users do not have access to Groups and Feature Permissions settings. 

Growth: Pro users have access to the default three groups. 

Enterprise: Enterprise owners have access to the default three groups, and access to custom groups. Organization Owners and Organization Admins may create new groups by choosing New Group.

Custom Groups (Enterprise Only) 



By creating a new group, you may change the access  to specific features, settings, and support as shown below:

Data Sources

Here you are able to view all active data sources and their status. Data sources are listed with their name, source, projects using the data source, and their status. A green icon indicates that Indicative is receiving data while red indicates that Indicative is not receiving data.



For data warehouse data sources, select View Details to view more detailed information about your data source. Here, you are able to view your data source name, scheduling, where Indicative pulls your data from, any enrichments Indicative applies to your data, and how Indicative models your users, events, and properties.


Here you may view your Indicative plan, as well as your organization's billing owner.


At the bottom you’ll be able to see your entire data period usage.

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