Organization Management


Indicative strives to give Organization Owners flexibility in customizing Indicative to suit their organization's needs. Organization Settings allows you to configure your Organization name, as well as configure domain-based security. Organization Settings can be found in the Accounts and Billing dropdown in the top right corner of the Indicative app.


In order to change your Organization's Name, input your new name in the Organization Name text field, and hit save.


Email & Password Authentication

If this authentication method is enabled, then your users will sign into Indicative using their email and password.

Enterprise Single Sign-On

For Enterprise customers, Indicative supports the ability for users to log in using an authenticated identity from a third party provider such as Microsoft Azure and Okta.

Default Project Access

This section allows you to select the project(s) for which you would like to enable automatic permissioning for new users who create an Indicative account using either of the methods above. Existing users will retain access to their projects. Project access from an invite takes precedence over Default Project Access.


Here you may view your Indicative plan, as well as your organization's billing owner.

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