Snowflake Integration


Indicative's Snowflake extractions work by automatically extracting batches using Snowflake's storage integration functionality. 

This integration is available for all Snowflake instances regardless of the underlying cloud infrastructure.  

To enable access for Indicative to execute these extractions, customers will need to grant an Indicative service account read-only access to their dataset.

Please note, customers using AWS and Microsoft hosted Snowflakes will incur data egress cost when data is exported to GCS.


1. Click on Settings and select Data Sources.


2. Click New Data Source.


3. Select Snowplow Snowflake.


4. Click Next

5. To get the values for this page, please log into your Snowflake account. Account ID is everything to the left of


6. Enter the Warehouse name.


7. Enter the Database name.



8. Click into Warehouses and copy the Schema


9. Enter the Table name.


10. Click Next

11. You will need to copy and paste these code snippets into your Snowflake console. The last snippet is optional, Navigate to the Worksheets tab and paste the snippets into the SQL runner, check the All Queries checkbox, and hit Run.


12. Click Validate Integration.

13. If the validation is successful, you will see a screen to schedule a call with an Indicative specialist. Please select a date and time and enter in your contact info.

14. Grant Indicative the necessary information to move forward with your integration by completing this Data Integration Questionnaire.



This documentation is derived from Snowflake's documentation on making data available though your Snowflake Google Service Account, found here

If you have any questions or concerns about the above Integration, please contact your Customer Support Manager, or email

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