Rudderstack Integration



Rudderstack is an enterprise-ready, open-source software for collecting, storing and integrating customer level data to a data warehouse, or analytics tools like Indicative. Rudderstack provides a powerful transformation framework to process your event data on the fly. Because Rudderstack and Indicative maintain a fantastic partnership, our integration is seamless and easy.

Integration Requirements

Before starting the integration process, any customers that are self-hosting Rudderstack’s Data Plane should confirm their current versions by navigating to their Rudderstack Data Plane URL. This URL can be found where they initialize their SDK (here) in the value for <DATA_PLANE_URL>.

Once you have the URL, you can locate DATA_PLANE_URL/versions to get the transform and server versions. Ensure those are the latest, and if not, update them.

Self-hosted Rudderstack users should ensure they are running the following versions at minimum:

rudderlabs/rudder-server: 05102021.075534
rudderlabs/rudder-transformer: 05102021.062759

See Rudderstack Software Releases for the latest software versions.


1. In Indicative, click on Settings and select Data Sources.



2. Click New Data Source.



3. Select RudderStack. 


4. Copy the API Key. mceclip3.png

5. Log into Rudderstack and follow the instructions in their technical support documentation using the API Key.

6. Data should now be streaming into Indicative . It may take several minutes for your events to process before becoming available for analysis.

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