Referral Program


Refer Indicative to a friend and receive a one time cash compensation of $1,000 if your referral signs up for an Indicative Pro or Enterprise account.


  1. In order to access your referral code, navigate to the Accounts and Billing dropdown in the top right corner of the Indicative app.
  2. Select "Earn $1000" to access your Referral Code and a Shareable Link.mceclip0.png
  3. Your friend may register for Indicative by:
    • Visiting your shareable link.
    • Entering your Referral Code upon registration.Screen_Shot_2020-06-03_at_10.00.06_PM.png
  4. If your friend upgrades to a Pro or Enterprise account, an Indicative representative will be in touch regarding the $1,000 compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Someone signed up for Indicative using my referral code. Now what?

If the company becomes a Pro or Enterprise customer, Indicative will notify you and confirm how and when your commission will be paid.

How many people can I refer to Indicative?

As many as you like. There are no limitations on the amount of commissions an individual can earn.

I referred multiple people within one company. Do I get multiple commissions?

No. There is a limit of one commission per organization referred. You can refer as many people in a single organization as you like, but you'll only receive one commission.

If I refer one person at a company, and someone else later refers a different person from the same company, who gets the commission?

Indicative attributes commissions based on the first person to refer an organization. So no matter how many people may share their referral link with employees of a company, only the first referral counts towards a commission.

If I refer a friend and their company is already using Indicative, will I receive a commission if the company upgrades to the Pro or Enterprise plan?

No. Referrals are attributed based on the first person from an organization to sign up for Indicative.

Can I refer myself and earn a commission?

Indicative is not here to stifle your creativity, but why would you bother?

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