Save your Analysis: Funnel


To save your Funnel query, click the “Save as New” button in the top right corner above the query builder. Here, you can choose to save your query as a Bookmark or a Dashboard Widget.


Saving as a Dashboard Widget

Once you click “Dashboard Widget”, a saving window will appear. The window will preview your Funnel query. Here, you can select which metrics to save to your dashboard. The options are:

  • Average Conversion Time
  • Total Conversion Rate
  • Funnel Chart
  • Funnel Table

Each metric will be saved as a separate widget on your dashboard. You must also select which dashboard to save your Funnel query. If you want to save your query to a new dashboard, then you will first have to create the dashboard in the Views dropdown.


Saving as a Bookmark

If you select “Bookmark”, a saving window will appear. Here, use the dropdown menu to select which folder to save your Funnel bookmark.


Saving Modified Queries

If you access and modify a query from a dashboard widget or bookmark, simply click the “Save” button in the top right corner above the query builder. This will replace the existing dashboard widget or bookmark. If you want to retain the original widget or bookmark, then save the modified query as a new widget or bookmark. Remember to change the query name in order to differentiate between the two.


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