Wix Integration


Wix is a leading cloud based web development platform. Wix does not require any coding knowledge - simply choose between the available templates, and customize within your Wix website builder. For more information, please visit Wix's home page here.


To analyze your Wix data in Indicative, please see the following instructions:

  1. In Indicative, navigate to Settings (or Project Settings) in the left menu, and then click Data Sources
  2. On the left hand side, click Indicative Library/SDK
  3. Select your integration language, and copy the SDK Script
  4. Navigate to your Wix Site Manager
  5. In the left hand side menu, click Tracking and Analytics
  6. Click Custom
  7. Paste your SDK Script in the Paste code snippet here field
  8. Set the Name to Indicative Tracking Code
  9. Under Add Code to Pages, select Load code on each new page from the dropdown menu
  10. Under Place Code in section, click the Body - end option
  11. Click Apply to save your changes

These instructions will ensure that Page View and Web Session events will be sent to Indicative. To send more events, please see our documentation here.

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