Scheduled Reports



Any user within your Indicative project can create a Scheduled Report for any existing dashboard. Users can schedule their dashboards to be sent to Indicative users within the same organization, executives within the same organization, and external stakeholders and partners. Once a report is created, your dashboard will be refreshed, and sent out as a PDF to the selected individuals. Please note that this is currently only available to Pro or Enterprise customers. 

Create a Scheduled Report

To create a Scheduled Report, please navigate to the dashboard you desire to share, and follow the following instructions:

In the header at the top of your screen, click "Reports" and then "New Scheduled Report". A banner will appear on the right hand side that looks like the following:



The report title will be the same as your dashboard title. Remember to adjust this if necessary.


You can schedule your report to be sent daily, weekly, monthly by day (i.e. first Monday of the month), or monthly by date. Then, choose the time in which your dashboard will be sent. Dashboards can only be sent on the hour. Please note that the scheduled time is in your project timezone, so make the appropriate calculations for the time zone your recipients will be in.

Recipients & Privileges

In your recipients field, enter the email addresses to which you would like to send the report. Recipients can be both Indicative and non-Indicative users:

  • Indicative users will receive a PDF of the dashboard and a link to the dashboard itself
  • Non-Indicative users will receive a PDF of the dashboard and a public URL

Remember to toggle the reports' editing privileges. You can choose to keep editing privileges to yourself, or expand editing privileges to your entire team.

Send Test/Report

Indicative recommends clicking "Send Test" to send a test report to your email to ensure that the report is correct. Remember to check the attached PDF to ensure that widgets are correct and up to date.

Once you are ready, click "Save Report" to save your scheduled report settings. Once you click "Save Report", your scheduled report is live, and will be sent out at the interval selected in the previous steps.

View Scheduled Reports

To view your organization's scheduled reports, please navigate to any dashboard, and follow the following instructions:

In the header at the top of your screen, click "Reports" and then "View Scheduled Reports".


On the top right hand side, you will see the following:


From here, you can search available reports using keywords, you can filter your view to see "All Reports", "My Reports" or "Shared With Me", and you can navigate back the dashboard you were viewing.

Manage Reports

Each created report will appear as following: 


On the left hand side, you can respectively edit, delete and unsubscribe from your report:

  • Edit opens up the banner outlined in Create a Scheduled Report, and from there you can edit your report settings
  • Delete cancels the scheduled reporting, but the dashboard will still be accessible
  • Unsubscribe simply removes your email address from the report settings.

Next, you can activate and deactivate your selected report. This will not delete your report settings, but it will deactivate the sending of the report until activated again.

Next, you can view the Report Title, Scheduling, Creator and Date Created.

Finally, on the right hand side, you can navigate to the dashboard from which the report was created.


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