Firebase Integration


Firebase is a Google-owned, leading tracking software. Businesses use Firebase to gain insight into the performance of their iOS, Android and web applications. Indicative has a seamless integration with Firebase through BigQuery. Please note that this integration is only available for Enterprise customers.


1. Enable Firebase to BigQuery export

2. In Indicative, click on Settings and select Data Sources.


3. Click on New Data Source.


4. Select Firebase. Click Next. The values to place in these fields can be found in your Firebase console.


5. Sign into the Firebase Console.

6. Click on the Settings icon, then click Project Settings.

7. On the Project Settings page, click the Integrations tab.

8. On the BigQuery card, click Link

9. In Indicative, enter the GCP Project ID. This can be found in your BigQuery console here:



10. Enter the Dataset Name



11. Enter the Table Name.



12. In the Bigquery Console, select your project.

13. Under Resources, click on the triangle to the left of your project name to display the available datasets.



14. Select your dataset and click Share Dataset near the right side of the window.


15. In the Dataset Permissions panel, paste in

under Add members.

16. For Select a Role, select BigQuery Data Viewer.

17. Click Add.

18. In Indicative, press Validate Integration.

19. If the validation is successful, you will see a screen to schedule a call with an Indicative specialist. Please select a date and time and enter in your contact info.

20. Grant Indicative the necessary information to move forward with your integration by completing this Data Integration Questionnaire.


If you have any questions or concerns about the above Integration, please contact your Customer Support Manager, or email

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