Google Analytics - Integration Setup


Send everything you're tracking with Google Analytics to Indicative.

Send your Google Analytics data to Indicative by following the instructions below. This will send all your Google Analytics events (including custom events) to Indicative. This will not send GTM events.

The following is an example of an analytics.js based Google Analytics code snippet.


The two bolded lines above differ from the standard Google Analytics snippet. Copy and paste both lines below into your Google Analytics snippet as shown above. Make sure you insert your Indicative project's API key where is says 'YOUR-INDICATIVE-API-KEY'.

Initiate the plugin:

ga('require', 'indGaPlugin', { apikey: 'YOUR-INDICATIVE-API-KEY' });

 Load the plugin code:

<script async src=""></script>

Once the plugin has been set up your Google Analytics events will start flowing to both Google Analytics and Indicative.



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