Conversion Over Time


The Conversion Over Time tool shows how a funnel analysis performs over time. It enables you to visualize, in one chart, the same funnel shifted on an interval basis over a larger window of time.

Conversion vs. Conversion Over Time


You can toggle a funnel between Conversion and Conversion Over Time analyses. 

  • Conversion tracks users through a multistep sequence of events, or “funnel”
  • Conversion Over Time displays how the funnel performs on a historical basis


Choosing dailyweekly, or monthly determines the length of the funnel entry window.

Note: Conversion Over Time does not support grouping by user or event properties. If you have selected such groupings and performed a query under Conversion and switch to Conversion Over Time, the groupings will be removed but the remainder of the query will remain the same. If you return to Conversion, the groupings will be restored.


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