Welcome to Behavioral Analytics 101

A few months ago, we created an email series for new users called Behavioral Analytics 101. The response to this series has been extremely positive, so we wanted to make it more accessible for you.

If you missed our email series, consider this your crash course in answering fundamental marketing and product questions in Indicative. This series includes simple instructions for you to follow along with through our newly revamped demo environment.

This series includes 5 key ways to optimize your behavioral analytics with Indicative:

  • Understand how frequently users are returning to your site or product
  • Flag issues in your customer journey to quickly mitigate negative effects
  • Optimize your customer journey by analyzing A/B test results
  • Measure the impact of a specific step in your customer journey
  • Master Dashboard tips and tricks

We hope this series will help jump-start your analysis with Indicative!

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