2. Identify Points of Friction


Quickly identify points of friction in your customer journey

Business Question: Is the "Create Profile" page on the subscription sign-up flow a point of friction that lowers the subscriber conversion rate?
KPI: Conversion rate to "Subscribe"
Indicative Tool: Funnel
Bookmark: Behavioral Analytics 101: Identifying Points of Friction

  1. 2-1.gif
    In the Funnel tool, drag in the steps that are part of the customer flow for subscriber conversion. In this scenario, the steps involved in subscribing include: Email Clicked, Site Visit, Create Profile, and Subscribe.
  2. Once you run the query (by clicking the play button), you will see a percentage between each of the steps in your funnel -- we call this the "webbing." The number between the first two circles on the left represents the conversion rate from Step 1 to Step 2.
  3. 2-2.gif
    Click the pushpin icon on the Create Profile step of the funnel or in the query builder to unpin that step. This means you will be able to see the conversion rate when a user creates a profile versus when they do not.
  4. Next, click Settings and under Path Exclusivity, ensure Exclusive is selected. This will enable you to measure the impact of the optional step on the conversion rate.


In this example, we can see that the conversion rate to Subscribe is 70.77% when customers create a profile, compared to 0.13% when they do not. We can interpret this to indicate that the create profile page is not a point of friction, and in fact may aid conversion, since more customers who create a profile tend to convert compared to those who do not.

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