1. Product Stickiness


Understand product stickiness by calculating how frequently customers are active on your site or product

See our guide for more about how to use behavioral analytics to improve your product.

Business Question: How can I understand how engaged users are with my products?
Indicative Tool: Cohort
Bookmark: Behavioral Analytics 101: Calculating Your Product's Stickiness


    • In the Cohort tool, start by selecting an initial event that represents a customer using your site or product. The first event of a cohort is required; a user must complete this event to enter a cohort. In this case, let’s use Site Visit. 
    • Now let’s select a target behavior event in Row B. Whereas the first event defines the cohort, the second event defines the target behavior that you would like to observe. Often this is an event that is repeated multiple times, such as a purchase. This is the event that represents the subsequent user behavior that you wish to analyze. In the query builder, let’s select Site Visit once more.  
    • Hit the Run Query button, and let’s review the results.


  • Be sure to click Save to Dashboard in the top right of your screen, so you can reference fresh numbers at a glance at any time.


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