Google Tag Manager

Add the Indicative Analytics tag template from the Community Template Gallery

The Google Tag Manager Community Template Gallery gives you as a Tag Manager user the ability to add our tag template directly from within Tag Manager.

To search for and add the Indicative Analytics tag template:

  1. From within Tag Manager, click Templates.
  2. In the Tag Templates section, click Search Gallery.
  3. To filter the list, click Search to open the search field and type "Indicative Analytics".
  4. Click on the "Indicative Analytics by Indicative" template entry to view details.
  5. To add the template, click Add to workspace.
  6. Click Add.

Tag templates added to your container will be displayed as an available option when you add a new tag. You can use these tags like any other tag.

Track Custom Events

Reference our Javascript SDK documentation to track custom events.

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