GCP - BigQuery Export Setup


The BigQuery Export Integration provided by Indicative allows customers to easily have their raw Indicative data exported to BigQuery for further analysis via a SQL interface.

The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of how Indicative loads raw data into BigQuery and what customers need to provide to configure and maintain the integration.

This document is intended for customers who are familiar with both Google BigQuery and the Indicative data model.  

Getting Started

In order to use the BigQuery Export Integration for Indicative, the customer must provide programmatic BigQuery access to the Indicative Platform. The customer is required to grant read-write BigQuery access to Indicative.

In order to perform the following steps you must have administrative access to the BigQuery Console as well as your BigQuery database.

Create a BigQuery Dataset (Optional)

1. If you are not a user of Google Cloud Platform, head to http://cloud.google.com/ to start your free trial. Fill out your information, and proceed to the Google Cloud Platform landing page.


2. Click the hamburger menu and select BigQuery from the list.


3. Once you're in the BigQuery console, click "Create Dataset".


4. Name the dataset whatever you like and choose the location of your data. We recommend naming it "indicative" and choosing "US" for US based customers, and "EU" for EU based customers.


5. Congratulations! You've created a BigQuery dataset!

Grant Read/Write Access

You must grant Indicative access to your BigQuery project.

1. Go to https://bigquery.cloud.google.com to access the BigQuery console

2. Click the dropdown on the dataset you want to share and click "Share dataset"


3. Enter integrations@indicative-988.iam.gserviceaccount.com next to “Add people”.  Make sure it is set to “Can edit”.


4. Click “Add”.  Indicative’s account should now appear in the list of users who have access.


5. Click “Save Changes”

6. Contact your Indicative Account Manager to test that the connection is properly configured.

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