GCP - BigQuery Integration Setup

The BigQuery integration with Indicative is available for Enterprise customers only. If interested, please contact us.  You are required to grant read-only BigQuery access to Indicative. 

In order to perform the following steps you must have administrative access to the BigQuery Console as well as your BigQuery database.

Grant Read Only Access

You must grant Indicative access to your BigQuery project.

1. Go to https://bigquery.cloud.google.com

2. Click the dropdown on the dataset you want to share


3. Click “Share dataset”


4. Enter integrations@indicative-988.iam.gserviceaccount.com next to “Add people”.  Make sure it is set to “Can view”.


4. Click “Add”.  Indicative’s account should now appear in the list of users who have access.


5. Click “Save Changes”

6. Contact your account manager once you have granted Indicative access and provide the projectid and table names.

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