GCP BigQuery Integration


The BigQuery integration with Indicative is available for Enterprise customers only. If interested, please contact us. You must grant 'bigquery.dataViewer' access to Indicative for your BigQuery project. 

In order to perform the following steps you must have administrative access to the BigQuery console as well as your BigQuery database.

Share Your Dataset with Indicative

1. Open the BigQuery console on Google Cloud Platform and Select a project.
2. In the menu panel along the left side of your screen, under Resources, click on the triangle to the left of your project name to expand the view. This will display the available datasets.
3. Select a dataset from Resources, then click Share dataset near the right side of the window.
4. In the Share dataset panel, in the Dataset permissions tab, click Add members.
5. In the Add members panel, enter "integrations@indicative-988.iam.gserviceaccount.com" into the New members text box.
6. For Select a role, select BigQuery and choose bigquery.dataViewer.
7. Click Done.
8. Contact your account manager once you have granted Indicative 'bigquery.dataViewer' access and please provide the project name (or projectid), relevant table names, guidance for how to derive events or user attributes from each of the tables, and guidance for how to derive user id, timestamp, etc from these tables.
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