Creating a User Segment

User Segments may be created from the results of any Segmentation, Funnel, or Cohort query. To create a segment, start by clicking on any data point in your query results. Once you select to create a user segment, you will see the overlay outlined below. 

Create User Segment - Overlay

  • "This segment will contain users who: ... ": This section of the overlay describes the users captured in your segment in plain language. 
  • "Segment Name": Give your segment a name. We recommend choosing a name that is descriptive enough for any user in your organization to understand.
  • "Description": Provide additional context and notes here. The description will appear as your hover over your segment in the data panel on the right hand side. 
  • "Category": Define the category that your segment belongs to. For example, if the segment is related to marketing, type "Marketing". Your segment will live under the "Marketing" category in the data panel on the right hand side. 
  • "Static" vs. "Dynamic": If you want to create a segment that will only ever contain users discovered through your query at this very moment in time, select "Static". If you would prefer to create a fluid segment that will update on a daily basis, with users moving in and out of the segment based on their future behavior, select "Dynamic". 
    • Note: A segment will only update dynamically if there are relative date range components in your user segment query. 

Create User Segment - Segmentation



  • Point vs Series
    • A User Segment created from a point will only include users from that specific data point.
    • A User Segment created from a series will include users from all data points in the selected analysis results.

Create User Segment - Funnel

To create a user segment in funnel, simply click on the step you want your segment to be created from, click a path in the context menu and select "Create User Segment". 



Create User Segment - Funnel with Property Breakout

When creating a User Segment in a funnel analysis segmented by a property, you have two options:

  • From breakout selection: This segment will contain users in the breakout segment you have selected
  • From entire step: This segment will contain all users in this step, regardless of breakout segment. 


Create User Segment - Cohort


View User Segments

Once created, you may view and manage your User Segments in the User Segments tab in the navigation bar. 

To view the query from which a user segment was created, click on the query tool icon under "Options" on the right hand side. To open the segment in query insights, click on the query insights icon under "Options" on the right hand side. 




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