REST API – Identify

Indicative’s Identify endpoint allows customers to update user properties for a specified unique key. User properties that are specified through this endpoint persist until the property value has been overwritten by another call to the Identify or Track Events APIs.

Our REST API’s Identify endpoint is:
or{Your API KEY}

To call this method, make a POST request to the above URL with a Content-Type of ‘application/json’. In the POST body, include a JSON object with the following fields:

Name Type Description
apiKey String The API Key for this project. If the key you provide is invalid, we’ll return a 400 Bad Request error.
uniqueId String The unique identifier of the user to update. Must be between 1 and 255 characters in length, and cannot be null.
properties JSON Object An internal JSON Object, listing property names and values as strings. Values will be truncated at 255 characters.
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