Indicative offers a number of different endpoints for creating and modifying your data:

  • Track Events allows you to record events in Indicative
  • Identify Users allows you to set user properties for a specified user
  • Alias Users allows you to merge two user event streams and profiles together
  • Suppress User Data allows you to suppress further calls for a specified user from being processed
  • Delete User Data allows you to submit a request for deletion of data for a specified user

All Indicative API endpoints require the use of the POST method to invoke as well as a Content-Type header of application/json. Additionally, all of Indicative API endpoints require specifying an API Key to identify Indicative project. This can be submitted either as part of your JSON request body or as a path parameter in each individual URL.

For each of Indicative’s API calls, our servers will respond with one of a few status codes indicating the outcome of your request:

Status Code Description
200 OK Your request successfully reached our servers and used the correct syntax.
400 Bad Request Your request contained malformed syntax. This may indicate that the API Key you used is incorrect.
422 Unprocessable Entity Your request used the correct syntax, but one or more JSON field values violated the constraints listed above.
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