Manage Annotations


The Annotations section in Settings provides an interface to view, add, hide, edit, or delete annotations in a project and also configure label and privacy settings. For more information on Annotations, click here

Add Annotation


Click on Add Annotation to create a new annotation.


Edit Annotation


Click on any annotation to edit it. Within the editor, you may change the title, description, relevant events, date ranges, subscribers and labels of the annotation. 


Hide Annotation


Click on the Hide icon to indefinitely remove it from the Indicative interface. 


Delete Annotation


Click on the Delete icon to permanently delete it from the Indicative platform. 


Subscribe to an Annotation


Click on the Subscribe icon to receive notifications about this annotation. Annotation owners are automatically subscribed to the annotations they create.  


Edit Annotation Labels


Click on Label Settings in the upper righthand corner to manage annotation label names. 

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