Time and Interval Settings in Dashboards


Each dashboard contains queries and metrics that are local to a specific time zone, and can be configured to refresh at a certain interval. This article will cover how to designate a time zone and refresh interval for your dashboards.

Time Zones

Each dashboard in your project will be in the same timezone as designated in your project settings. To change a projects' timezone, see our Projects, Roles, and Teammates article.

Refresh Interval

The analyses on your dashboard will be refreshed as designated by your dashboard refresh interval. Each query is then independently run and your charts will refresh upon completion. Your dashboard refresh interval can be set to:
  • Every 15 Minutes
  • Every 30 Minutes
  • Every 1 Hour
  • Every 2 Hours
  • Every 24 Hours

The default dashboard refresh interval is Every 24 Hours. To adjust your dashboard refresh interval, navigate to the menu bar above your dashboard, and click on the "Every 24 Hours" dropdown. Then, select your desired dashboard refresh interval.

Note: Dashboards are refreshed according to the selected refresh interval while in active use. Upon accessing a dashboard for the first time after a period of inactivity, there may be a delay in viewing data from more recent periods as the system loads current results.



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