Dashboards: Getting Started


Any Segmentation, Funnel, or Cohort query may be saved to a dashboard as a widget. A collection of widgets is called a Dashboard. Dashboards allow you to monitor key metrics in real-time. Any analysis created in Indicative can be added to a dashboard with just a few clicks. You may click on any widget in a dashboard to view that analysis within the tool it was created with.


Dashboards are often used to:

  • Monitor your core KPIs on a regular basis
  • Quickly explore data anomalies
  • Share periodic results with a team, department, or executives

Dashboards can be accessed using the Views section in the navigation menu.


Here, you may view all team folders, along with the saved dashboards and bookmarks. You can also filter your view to include only dashboards, Segmentation bookmarks, Funnel bookmarks, Cohort bookmarks, or User bookmarks. You may also search for a saved view using the search bar at the top of the dropdown. Pro and Enterprise customers may also save dashboards and bookmarks to a Personal Folder. The contents of a Personal Folder are viewable only to its owner.


You may also edit the name of the folder that you are currently viewing or create a new dashboard within the folder that you are currently viewing. Finally, you may sort your folder contents by date created or alphabetically.


Add a Folder

To add a new folder, click on the Add a New Folder icon located in the bottom left corner of the dropdown, below your existing folders. You must provide a name for your new folder. If you are a Pro or Enterprise customer, you must select whether the new folder is public or private.


Create a Dashboard

A Default Public dashboard is created automatically for every new Indicative user. There are several ways to create a new dashboard. First, you can create a new dashboard from the Views dropdown. In the top right corner, select New Dashboard. Next, provide a  name for your new dashboard, provide an optional description, and select a folder to save the dashboard in.


You may also create a new dashboard from any existing dashboard. To save a new dashboard, click the New icon in the top right corner, then select Dashboard. Note that free customers are limited to 3 dashboards containing 10 widgets each.


Manage your Dashboard

View our Manage your Dashboard documentation for more information as to how to customize your dashboard.

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