Users: Getting Started


The Users tool creates a full list of users who share a characteristic or behavior to learn more about their individual attributes. 

  • Explore information about your customers to contextualize their activity
  • Review the timeline of user sessions to diagnose errors and crashes
  • Drill down into the customer journey to pinpoint specific event properties

Begin an Analysis

First, you must select whether you would like to analyze users who performed an event, or users who are in a user segment. The default selection is performed an event. To toggle this, click on the dropdown at the top of the query builder.


Once you have selected your analysis type, begin inputting events in the query builder. If you have selected performed an event, you may input many events in the query builder. In this case, each user must have completed the specified events chronologically in the order that they were inputted.


You may select a different time zone from your project time zone on a per query basis by clicking on the globe icon on the top right of the query screen.


Then, select the date range in which users must complete the specified events. Users must have completed all events in the query builder within the specified date range.


Then, click the play button to run the query. The Users tool will return a list of users who have either performed the sequence of events, or users that are in the specified user segment, along with all of their user properties.

Row Order

To be included in a User Insights list, users must have completed the events in the query builder in the specified order. To re-order the event sequence, click and drag a row in the query builder into the desired position in the sequence.


Filter Where

In order to define additional parameters for your user lists, introduce filter where clauses to your query row. You may filter by any event or property value.


For more information on filter where clauses, reference our support article Filter Where. Group by clauses are unavailable in the Users tool.

Searching Results

Search for users and their user properties by any matching value by using the search box in the upper right corner of the chart window.


Users from other Tools

The Users tool may be accessed from any other analysis tool in Indicative. For more information on cross-tool compatibility, check out these articles:

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