Understand Breakouts With "By" Clauses

“By" clauses, also referred to as “breakouts,” allow you to segment data based on event properties and user properties to better understand its context. A breakout will create multiple data series in the Segmentation, Funnel, and Cohort tools. 

Breakouts by Tool

To find the Marketing Channel breakout of users who performed an event or events, drag the property "Marketing Channel" into the "By" clause drop zone. The tool will break out the results by all possible values of the property "Marketing Channel". Below, see what this looks like in each tool.

Segmentation Breakout



Funnel Breakout



Cohort Breakout



Results Display Options


Queries with a breakout are limited to display a maximum of 50 breakout results. Use the selector in the query builder to show the top or bottom 5 - 50 results. If there are less than 5 breakout results, the menu will not appear. To view more than 50 breakouts, export the data from the tool as a CSV file:


Multiple "By" Clauses


In Segmentation, any query row may be broken out using multiple properties. For example, if "View Content" is broken out by the properties "Gender" and "AB Testing", the result breakout will include all possible combinations of these values. In this case, the combinations would be:

  • Males in Group A
  • Males in Group B
  • Females in Group A
  • Females in Group B 
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