Group By Clauses


Group By clauses, also referred to as Breakouts, allow you to segment data based on event properties, user properties or user segments to better understand its context. A Breakout will create multiple data series in the Segmentation, Funnel, and Cohort tools. 

Segmentation Group By Clauses 

You may apply a Group By function to each row in your segmentation query. This will categorize results by each Breakout.

Breakouts can be hidden from your visualization by selecting them by name in the field below the visualization area. You may view a single Breakout by double-clicking on its name in the same field.

Group By Numerical Properties

In Segmentation, query rows whose events have numeric string properties can be grouped by the sum of or the average of event properties. For example, you can find the sum of all purchase prices of Paid Purchases within the last 7 days. 


Multiple Group By Clauses

Any query row may be broken out using multiple properties. For example, if Open App is broken out by the properties Browser Name and Marketing Channel, the resulting Breakout will include all possible combinations of these values.

In this example, the combinations would include:

  • Chrome | Email
  • Chrome | Direct
  • Firefox | Email
  • Firefox | Direct

And so on.

Funnel Group By Clauses 

You may apply a Group By function to categorize users via event property, user property, or user segment.


To isolate each group's conversion rate, select the corresponding slice of the donut in the visualization area. The Total Conversion Rate and Average Conversion Time displayed in the top left corner, and the conversion rate in the path between each step, will change to reflect only users that are in the selected breakout. 


Cohort Group By Clauses 

Cohorts are defined by a shared generation or a shared property. A generation is a unit of time, such as a month. A monthly cohort would include all users who entered the cohort during that month. A property is a characteristic or attribute, such as device type. Cohorts defined by device type would include all users with an iPhone, all users with an Android, etc.


Breakout Display Options

Queries with a breakout are limited to display a maximum of 50 breakout results. Use the selector in the query builder to show the top or bottom 5-50 results. If there are less than five breakout results, the menu will not appear.


To view more than 50 breakouts, export the data from the tool as a CSV file:

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