Understand Annotations

Annotations make it easy for you to contextualize your data, capture your learnings and insights, and empowers your team to collaborate within the platform. Click on the Annotation flag icon in the query builder window to add a new annotation or use the data panel to pull up your existing annotations.


The Annotation flag opens a dropdown menu where you can

  • Add an Annotation: Name, label, describe, assign a date, and apply your annotation to an event.
  • Hide Annotations: Hide any flags from the chart
  • Manage Annotations: Open Settings to view and edit all existing annotations
  • Manage Labels: Classify your annotations using flag labels. Each label is assigned a flag color. You may filter by annotation label in the data panel. 

Annotations are associated with a specific event and date range. To view annotations make sure the chart you are viewing is in the same timeframe as the annotation you’d like to see.

Any internal user can subscribe and add team members to an annotation. Annotation subscribers receive email notifications at any time the title or description of the annotation changes. 

Annotations appear differently in the different tools. In the Segmentation tool, you may click on any data point to add an annotation. These annotations appear as flags in the chart. In the other tools, annotations are only accessible through the data panel.

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