Segmentation Overview

Segmentation allows you to chart any combination of events, event properties, and user properties over time. Segmentation is often the best way to get a snapshot of “what happened” in terms of your users' actions. There are a variety of different chart types, such as line charts, bar charts, stacked bar charts, and pie charts to help visualize analysis. For more information on the Indicative query interface, click here. 

Segmentation can help with:

  • Exploring general patterns of events and properties over time
  • Understanding the frequency of activity that users take, such as the volume of visits to certain website pages or the usage of specific app features
  • Understanding the volume of unique users that do certain events relative to the total of number of occurrences of those events
  • Charting KPIs and event ratios using the Calculator tool 
  • Understanding the activity patterns of different user groups that have done certain combinations of behavior using the "For" clause 

Begin an Analysis


To begin analysis, select an event and drop it into the chart or query builder to create a query row. Next, begin to filter or break out the analysis using "Where" clauses and/or "By" clauses. A Segmentation query may consist of a single query row, or it may contain many query rows that can be compared against each other. To add in another event, simply drag in the event from the Data Panel into a new row. 

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