User Activity Timelines



The Users tool returns a list of users who have either performed an event, or are in a user segment. Each line in the visualization area represents a single user. Each user will be identified by their User ID (anonymous or known, see the Aliasing article for more information), along with each users' User Properties. For more information on how to create a Users query, see the Users: Getting Started article.


Click on any user in the Users chart to see their individual event stream. Clicking on the user, or the row containing the user's User Properties will direct you to a User Activity Stream.


The User Activity Stream contains the following components:

  • A user profile displaying User Properties
  • A visualized Timeline of the number of events a user has completed on a given day
  • An activity stream displaying the events performed by the user, grouped by session

Click on a session to view the events performed in a chronological order.


Click into a specific event to view the event properties associated with the specific event.


Direct Link to Specific User Activity Timeline

Indicative users may directly access a specific user's Activity Timeline by appending the User ID to the end of this url in the following fashion:

An example link would be

Using this direct link would lead to that user's specific User Activity Timeline:


Note: If you are aliasing, you can access a User's Activity Timeline by appending either the anonymous or known ID. For more information on aliasing, see User Aliasing.
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