Explore Users from Cohort

Interoperability between the Cohort, User Insights, and Funnel tools allows you to explore the "who" behind analysis results across multiple Indicative tools.

Interoperability with User Insights


To use this function, click on any of the data points within an analysis and select "Open in User Insights". In the User Insights tool, the full list of users associated with the selected data point will be displayed along with their user properties. Click on any user to view their user profile and event stream. To learn more about the functionality of the User Insights tool, click here.


Interoperability with Funnel


Cohort can also be accessed from within a funnel analysis. When using Funnel, click on a specific step in the event sequence, find the path you would like to analyze, and then click on it to pull up a menu with the "Open in Cohort" button. This enables you to view the cohort information for that step of the funnel.


For example, if you use the example funnel from above (email sent, email link clicked, view content, follow channel, and free trial start) and you segment it by platform, you can select “Email Link Clicked” and click on the Cohort icon. This would show you the shared behaviors of users over time who took this step based on platform. 

To learn more about the functionality of the Funnel tool, click here.

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