Visualization Options in Cohort

In Cohort, there are three chart type options:

Cohort Table

This chart type is the default for displaying results in cohort. In the cohort table, users who performed the target behavior are grouped along the X axis by intervals of the selected time interval. Along the Y axis, users are grouped by the selected Time Generation, Event Property, and/or User Property.

For example, the chart above shows the users who did "Email Link Clicked" who also did target behavior "Free Trial Start" by the day they did "Email Link Clicked".

Stacked Line Chart


The stacked line chart allows you to view and compare multiple lines of cohort data on the same graph. Each line represents a cohort row. For example, if the Time Generation "by Day of ___" is selected, each line in the chart represents data from one day.  The x axis represents the date.  Since the chart is stacked, the y axis represents the cumulative percentage.

Spaghetti Chart


A spaghetti chart is a line-based representation.  Each line represents a cohort row.  The x axis represents the date relative to the  date of the initial event.  For example, a 1 represents 1 day since "App Download", regardless of when "App Download" occurred.  The y axis represents the percentage representation for that day.  For example, ___% of users did "App Open" within 1 day of "App Install".

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