Explore Users from Funnel

Cross-tool compatibility between the Funnel, User Insights, and Cohort tools allows you to explore the "who" behind your funnel results across multiple Indicative tools.  

Cross-Tool Compatibility with User Insights

There are two ways to access this feature within a funnel analysis.


Option 1: Click on a step in your funnel to pull up Path Insights. Under "Path", click on a desired path and select "Open in User Insights". In the User Insights tool, the full list of users who completed this path will be displayed, along with their user properties. Click on any user to view their user profile and event stream. To learn more about the functionality of the User Insights tool, click here.


Option 2: Click on a cell in the funnel table under the funnel visualization then select "Open in User Insights". In multi-path funnels, the funnel table only displays the path selected in the visualization. Select your desired path in the visualization before clicking on a cell in the funnel table.

To learn more about the User Insights tool, click here.

Cross-Tool Compatibility with Cohort


To analyze a funnel path in Cohort, click on a bubble in the funnel visualization. Then, click on the path you would like to analyze, and select "Open in Cohort". Indicative will plot the path you have selected into the Cohort interface. For more information about Cohort, click here.


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