Reverse Funnel



The Funnel tool allows you to create both forward and reverse funnels. 

  • Forward funnels measure user activity and drop off in a sequence of events. The percentage of users who completed the subsequent event is displayed in the webbing between events.
  • Reverse funnels measure the contribution of an event from the preceding event.  The percentage of users who completed the preceding step is displayed in the webbing between events.

To select a Funnel direction, click the settings dropdown menu and choose either "Forward" or "Reverse". By default, all funnels are set to "Forward".  

Creating a Reverse Funnel

You may create a Reverse Funnel from scratch or from an existing forward funnel by clicking the settings dropdown menu and selecting "Reverse".  A common use case for a Reverse Funnel is to identify what events a user is doing before the target event, such as "Free Trial Start". For example, let's look at a forward funnel and its reverse funnel counterpart:


The forward funnel shows how many users did "Email Sent", then proceeded to "Email Link Clicked", and so on. The reverse funnel shows of the users who did "Free Trial Start", how many previously did "Follow Channel", and of those how many previously did "View Content", and so on. Reverse funnels show how many of the users who take the final step are following this series of steps.

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