Funnel Completion Time Explained


The Completion Time feature allows you to set a time limit within the designated date range for users to complete the steps in your funnel.

All Step Completion Time

All Step Completion Time enables you to set a time limit for users to complete all steps in your funnel. By default, funnels are set to Full Timeframe. To select an alternative time limit, click on the Completion Time dropdown menu. Preset options include 5 minutes, 1 hour and 1 day. To create a custom completion time, click Custom.


For example, if the custom timeframe "3 Days" is created and applied, the funnel will be limited to users who completed all steps in 3 days or less, within the last 7 days.  

Per Step Completion Time

Per Step Completion Time enables you to set time limits for users to progress between individual steps. From the dropdown menu next to each event, you may select "within n seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months" of the previous step.


For example, if the timeframe "within 56 seconds" is applied for "Email Link Clicked", the funnel will be limited to users who progressed from "Email Sent" to "Email Link Clicked" within 56 seconds. 

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