Conversion Limit

Conversion Limit sets the range during which the user must have completed either the next step of the funnel, or the entirety of the funnel, from when the first event was completed

Unlimited is the default setting, which will count any user who has completed the funnel up until today, who started within the Funnel Entry range. 

You can also choose to make it Limited, for which there are two options: 

  • Funnel applies the limit to the whole funnel. 
  • Each Step applies the limit on a per-step basis. 


Time Limit Selection sets the time in which a user must complete the Funnel. This can only be done when Conversion Limit is applied to the entire Funnel. You are then able to either choose a specific time limit or select the Entry Date Range. 

  • A specific time limit can be chosen to set the time in which a user must complete the Funnel from the completion of the first step, such as “1 hour,” “1 week,” or a custom limit. 
  • Entry Date Range requires the entire Funnel to be completed within the Entry Date Range previously selected, independent of when the first step was completed (as long as it’s within the Entry Date Range). 



Example: let's look at a standard user journey:

Download App over the last 30 days -> Create Profile -> Purchase Product 

Funnel Entry chooses the range in which Download App was performed. Conversion Limit can restrict either the completion of the full funnel, through Purchase Product, or just of the next step, Create Profile, within a specified time frame from Download App. For example, if you click Conversion Limit and set Limit Conversion Time to Limited, then Apply Limited Conversion Time to Funnel to 5 Minutes, the results will show the conversion of users who performed Download App in the last month then Created a Profile and Purchased a Product within five minutes. 


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