Date and Time Settings in Funnel

Date Range Mode is a feature function available within the Funnel Entry Date Range menu when using Funnel. 

Customize Overall Date Range


The Funnel Entry Date Range menu enables you to specify the period of time or date range you wish to analyze. The funnel entry date range describes the window of time in which the user entered the funnel by completing the first step. By default, all queries are set to the last 7 days. To change the date range, click the date range drop down and make a selection based on the options below: 

  • Absolute Date Range allows you to select a start and end date on the calendar.
  • Preset Relative Date Range allows you to select from preset date ranges, such as "Last 90 Days", "Last 7 Days", or "Current Month To Date".
  • Custom Relative Date Range allows you to create a custom date range. 


Customize Per Step Date Range


  • All Steps applies the same date range to each step in the funnel. Each step in the funnel is governed by the date range selected in the date range. This is the default mode.
  • Individual Steps applies a distinct date range to each step in the funnel. Each step in the funnel will require a specific timeframe to look for completions. This mode enables use cases such as limiting the users entering the funnel to a certain point in time and tracking conversion over the last few days or weeks.

In both modes, steps must be completed in chronological order to be counted in query results.

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