Bookmarks: Getting Started

Bookmarks allow you to save an analysis for future use. Bookmarks can be accessed by opening the Views menu in the navigation bar. 


Saved bookmarks can be found in the Views section of the navigation menu at the top of your browser. Within the dropdown, folders and their contents are listed in alphabetical order. Public bookmarks are marked in green. 

Click on a folder to view the bookmarks contained within it. You may search for a particular bookmark folder by typing in the folder name in the search bar in the top righthand corner of the Bookmarks menu.

Once a folder is selected, you perform a number of actions within the menu. 

  • Rename a folder: Use the freeform text box to edit the name of a folder. 
  • Filter bookmarks: You may filter the bookmarks in a folder by query type e.g. segmentation, funnel, cohort, etc. 
  • Order bookmarks: Click the "Order By" dropdown menu to change the ordering of bookmarks contained in a folder in e.g. ascending alphabetical order vs. ascending date created. 
  • Change privacy settings: Click the lock icon to change a folder's privacy settings. Only the folder's creator can adjust privacy settings.
  • Delete a folder: You may delete a folder by clicking the trashcan icon. Only empty folders can be deleted. 
  • Move a bookmark: To move a bookmark, click and drag it into the desired folder
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