Multipath Funnel


Users navigate a variety of paths to conversion. The Multi-Path Funnel enables you to find:

  • The most effective conversion paths 
  • The drop off points in your conversion or onboarding flow
  • The users that are more likely to convert

To create a Multi-Path Funnel, you must indicate which steps are optional. You may have up to four optional steps in a funnel. There are three ways to make a step optional:


  • Click the pushpin icon that appears next to the event name in the query builder
  • Click the pushpin icon next to a step in a funnel on the chart
  • Click a funnel step to pull up Path Insights, then select "Optional Step"

To select a path, click the webbing between the steps you want to analyze. To compare the conversion rates of different paths, click on an event bubble to open Path Insights.

Path Exclusivity


Once a Multi-Path Funnel has been created, click on the Settings dropdown to choose a Path Exclusivity setting:

  • Exclusive: Includes users who performed on-path steps and excludes users who performed any off-path steps.
  • Inclusive: Includes users who performed on-path steps and users who may have performed off-path steps.

Exclusive Funnels

Exclusive funnels only include users who completed steps on the selected path and did not complete any off-path steps. Arrows point only to steps on the selected path. Webbings between off-path steps are greyed out.


Example: Let's look at the Exclusive Funnel Blog View, Create Profile (optional), and Download App, the analysis excludes users who did Create Profile, because Create Profile is an off-path step.

Inclusive Funnels

Inclusive funnels include users who completed the steps on the selected path, but may have also completed the off-path steps. Arrows point to all steps to indicate that the analysis represents all options that a user may have taken. A user may be represented in multiple paths depending on the steps they completed.


Example: Let's look at the Inclusive Funnel Blog View, Create Profile (optional), and Download App. When we select the Path Blog View - Download App, the analysis includes all users who did Blog View and Download App. Some of these users may have also done Create Profile, while some may not have.

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