Exploring Multiple User Journeys with Optional Funnel Steps


Users navigate a variety of paths to conversion. The Multi-path Funnel enables you to find:

  • Which conversion paths are most effective
  • Where the drop off points are in your conversion or onboarding flow
  • Which users are more likely to convert

To create a multi-path funnel, you must indicate which steps are optional. You may have up to four optional steps in a funnel. There are three ways to make a step optional:


  • Click the pushpin icon that appears next to the event name in the query builder
  • Click the pushpin icon next to a step in a funnel on the chart
  • Click a funnel step to pull up Path Insights, then select "Optional Step"

To select a path, click the webbing between the steps you want to analyze. To compare the conversion rates of different paths, click on an event bubble to open Path Insights. 


Path Exclusivity


Once a multi-path funnel has been created, click on the Settings dropdown to choose a Path Exclusivity setting: 

  • Exclusive: Includes users who performed on-path steps and excludes users who performed any off-path steps.
  • Inclusive: Includes users who performed on-path steps and users who may have performed off-path steps.


Exclusive Funnels 

Exclusive funnels only include users who completed steps on the selected path and did not complete any off-path steps. Arrows point only to steps on the selected path. Webbings between off-path steps are greyed out. 


Example: Let's look at the Exclusive Funnel ‘View Content’, 'Follow Channel’ (optional), and ‘Free Trial Start’. When we select Path 'View Content' - 'Free Trial Start', the analysis excludes users who did 'Follow Channel', because 'Follow Channel' is an off-path step. 

Inclusive Funnels 

Inclusive funnels include users who completed the steps on the selected path, but may have also completed the off-path steps. Arrows point to all steps to indicate that the analysis represents all options that a user may have taken. A user may be represented in multiple paths depending on the steps they completed.


Example: Let's look at the Inclusive Funnel ‘View Content’, 'Follow Channel’ (optional), and ‘Free Trial Start’. When we select the Path 'View Content - Free Trial Start', the analysis includes all users who did 'View Content' and 'Free Trial Start'. Some of these users may have also done 'Follow Channel', while some may not have.  

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