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To understand which types of users are converting, you may apply property breakouts to your funnel analysis. In Funnel, there are two types of property breakout modes.

  • Per Step: By default, all funnels are set to Per Step mode. An event property or user property breakout will be applied to each step individually for the entire group of users in each step.

Example: A user may complete steps in a conversion funnel on a variety of devices. To explore which type of device the user used at each step individual step, use Per Step. 

  • In Shared, an event property or user property will be applied to a single step and then shared across the entire funnel.

Example: Some of your users enter the top of the conversion funnel via their mobile device, while others enter through their desktop computer. To compare the conversion rates of users who enter the funnel via mobile vs. desktop, regardless of what device they use in subsequent steps, use Shared. The Shared funnel will apply the property breakout to a single step in your funnel, then track those users across other steps. 


Per Step


View the breakout of event property or user property values for the users observed at each step, by dragging a property into the ‘Segment By…’ drop zone.  Click on a section of the pie chart to see metrics specific to that segment. Any steps that do not share the property will be labeled as not defined




To use the Shared breakout mode, click the Settings dropdown menu in the query builder and select "Breakout Mode: Shared". Then, drop a property on a specific step to analyze how segments of users at that step converted across the rest of the funnel. In Shared mode, event properties and user properties cannot be dropped on optional steps or on steps that the event property does not apply to.

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