Interpreting a Funnel Analysis


Within Funnel, there are a number of important data points to take note of. Funnels are user-centric and reflect unique user counts and conversion percentages. Funnel metrics are constrained to both the Funnel Entry Date Range, when the user completed the first step of the funnel, and Conversion Limit selected.  


  • Average Conversion Time is the average time it took users to get from the first step to the last. 
  • Total Conversion Rate is the percentage of users who successfully completed the entire funnel.
  • Events are represented by blue circles, each containing the unique count of users who completed a particular event or series of events.
  • Webbing is the area that connects each event in the funnel. Within the webbings, you can view the conversion rate between each step. 

Path Insights


Path Insights displays a variety of important funnel metrics. To access Path Insights, select an event in your funnel. 

  • Path displays which step users completed before completing the selected step.
  • Total Drop displays the percentage of users lost in the progression from the previous step to the selected step. 
  • Total Conversion displays the percentage of users that made it from the previous step to the selected step.
  • Average Step Time displays the average amount of time it took users to get from the previous step to the selected step.


In the Path Insights, you may choose a path to access the Data Insights Menu. From there, select "Open in Cohort" or "Open in User Insights" to view the funnel information in other contexts. See Cross-Tool Compatibility in Funnel for more information.



You may zoom in and out of your funnel by using the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the chart window. 

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