Date and Time Settings in Segmentation

When performing analyses in Segmentation, there are two time-based parameters you may modify to determine how results will be displayed. 

Date Ranges


The date range menu enables you to specify the period of time or date range you wish to analyze. By default, all queries are set to the last 7 days. To change the date range, click the date range drop down and make a selection based on the options below: 

  • Absolute Date Range allows you to select a start and end date on the calendar. 
  • Preset Relative Date Range allows you to select from preset date ranges, such as "Last 90 Days", "Last 7 Days", or "Current Month To Date".
  • Custom Relative Date Range allows you to create a custom date range. 


Time Intervals


Time intervals determine which increments of time you want to visualize the data in – hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or an aggregate full range total within the date range selected.

Time interval options are dependent on the date range selected. For example, if the selected date range is "Last 7 Days", the available time intervals will be "Daily", "Hourly", and "Full Range". If that date range is expanded to "Last 90 Days", the time intervals dropdown will populate with the additional options of "Weekly" and "Monthly", but will lose the "Hourly" option. 

Full Range

If the time interval option "Full Range" is selected, results will be aggregated within the selected date range. 

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