An event is a tracked user action. Examples of events are a user loading a page, clicking a button, or opening an email. Every analysis in Indicative starts with at least one event to analyze behavioral patterns. You can think of events as the “what” that a user has done.

Event Property

Event properties describe the context of an event. For example, event properties for the event "Button Click" could include the device type used to perform the event, the time zone the event was performed in, or the web browser through which the event was performed.

User Property

Indicative isn’t just about tracking events, it’s also about tracking user. User Properties are the properties associated with the user performing an event, such as demographic factors, an email address, or the marketing channel through which the user was originally acquired. While event properties can differ from event to event, user properties are associated with every event performed by a given user.

Query Builder

Every analysis in Indicative is built in the query builder. Here, you may combine events, event properties, and user properties to create and visualize an analysis.

Query Row

A query row is a section within a query, and contains events, event properties, and/or user properties that will determine the analysis. A query may be composed of one or more query rows.


When an event property or user property is broken apart into its components, these components are referred to as values. For example, when looking at the property "Platform", "iPhone" and "Android" are potential values.

Numeric Value

A value that contains only numbers. Numeric values may be used in calculations. For example, values under the property "Purchase Type" containing specific price information are numeric values.

String Value

A value that contains letters, numbers, or other characters. String values are not used in calculations. For example, a User ID consisting only of numbers is a string value.


A widget is a module on a dashboard within Indicative. Widgets provide both access to and results from saved analyses. Any analysis built in Segmentation, Funnel, and Cohort may be added to a dashboard as a widget.

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