Time Windows and Time Groupings menus allow you to select the time period and measure of time in which to view an event.

On the bar beneath the query builder in Segmentation, there is a series of drop downs that allow you to select the Time Window and Time Grouping. Going from left to right, you will first be able to select the Time Window, which is the specific period of time you want to view for an event. The tool automatically defaults to the last 7 days, but if you click the drop down, you can choose from a selection of preset time windows, or select “Add a Custom Date Range” to set a custom number of previous days in which to view your data.

Time Window


The drop down menu next to Time Window is the Time Groupings tool. Here you can choose which measurement of time you want to see – hourly, daily, weekly, or an aggregate total within the time window you selected.

Time Groupings